Elastic Power Band

Our natural latex sheet is manufactured by casting process where you will find good physical properties and limited tolerance suitable . The process can provide continue length of 50 meters maximum . The main material is selected natural latex concentration 60 % from most reliable sources of supply in Thailand who have also ISO 9001 certificate for quality quarantee . By using a very fine dispersion chemical , it comes out with a very transparent film appearance .

The detacked powder use is medical grade and USP grade , nevertheless we get good response of quality satisfaction from customers .

Technical information

Color : Amber or any color matching to pantone chart
        : Thickness 0.10 mm – 0.80 mm
Dimension : Cut width 7.50 cm – 100 cm
              : Length 50 meters Max.

Standard Physical Properties

• Tensile Strength ( Min. ) 25 Mpa
• Elongation at break 750 % ( Min )