Latex Tube

Our natural latex tubing is manufactured by dipping process where you will find good appearance and low toxicity which we do moving the excess chemical out by leaching process same like the production of medical glove. We do provide alternatives range of formulation for customer who will have different need of physical properties.
Our natural latex tubing especially the amber or natural color will provide a transparent look with smooth surface.
Besides the natural color , we do provide wide range of color according to customer ‘s color pantone .Most of the colored tubing will be more used in Fitness , therapy and exercise so the formulation is designed to suit the application of long lasting and high resistance to the friction and ozone protection .
The special formulation for some industrial purpose, our company is also provide this service to do research and development for special need requirement. We will work closely with our customers to study and develop new application as they need.

Technical information

Color : Amber or any color matching to pantone chart
Dimension: ID: :( Inner Diameter) Min. 1.50 mm – Max. 24.00 mm
Wall thickness : Min. 0.50 mm – UP
Length : 50 Ft., 100 Ft. Cut length as requested

Standard Physical Properties

• Tensile Strength ( Min ) 23 Mpa
• Elongation at break 850 % ( Min )