Professional Ball

The exercise ball, also known as the Swiss, Therapy, Physio, Fit, Balance, Gymnastic or Stability Ball, was originally used in Europe during the 1960s for the management of orthopedic and neurological problems.
Physical therapists found that the ball’s constant movement encouraged the individual to improve body and movement awareness ,as well as call upon deeper layers of muscles necessary for overall joint stability , better posture and muscle balance.

Use of the ball has extended from therapeutic applications to the sports medicine field and most recently to the general public in gyms and body – conditioning studios in gyms and body – conditionting studios.
The ball has become a versatile piece of exercise equipment. It can act as aid to support the body weight and facilitate stretching, decrease stability at various angles to promote optimal strengthening of the whole body, or simply add new dimension and dynamics to any exercise regime.
Strengthening the body in this way has been found to benefit the individual so that everyday activities or sporting endeavours are enhanced by improved movement mechanics, balanced strength of both sides of both side of the body and faster reflex.
The exercise ball has become an essential and popular part of many fitness training programs.Working with it can improve overall strength and tone , helping create a strong and supple body.

Technical information

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